Hot air balloon flight : Manufacturer

There are many  Hot air balloon manufacturer which produce hot air balloons and its spare parts such as the envelopes, burner and baskets. Here are some big hot air balloon manufacturer :

 1. Hot air balloon Manufacturer  : Ultramagic
    Started Year   :1978
     Headquarters         : Igualada-Ă’dena airfield, province of Barcelona, Spain
     Produces         : 80 to 120 balloons per year
     Website         :

Hot air balloon manufactured by Ultramagic and sold in Switzerland
2. Hot air balloon manufacturer      Firefly Balloons
    Type                  Private company
    Industry             Aerospace
    Founded            1972
    Headquarters     Statesville, North Carolina, United States
    Products            Hot air balloons

FireFly Balloons

3. Hot air balloon Manufacturer    Cameron Balloons
    Industry            Balloon manufacture
    Founded          1971
   Headquarters     Bristol, England
   Key people        Don Cameron

A Cameron Z105 balloon


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