Ultramagic :Hot Air Balloon Manufacturer

Hot Air Balloon Manufacturer: Ultramagic

Ultramagic is one of hot air balloons manufacturer based at the Igualada-Òdena airfield, Barcelona, Spain. It’s the only manufacturer of hot air balloons in Spain, and the second largest in the world. The company produces 80 to 120 balloons per year, with 80% of them exported to Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Japan. The company can produce massive balloons, such as the N-500 that accommodates up to 27 Passengers in the basket. Ultramagic has also produced many balloons with special shapes.

Ultramagic is one of the organizers of the European Balloon Festival, the largest hot air balloon festival in Spain and in South Europe, held in Igualada since 1997 in the month of July, yhe festival includes competitions, exhibitions and a night glow. The festival gathers around 60 balloonists from Europe, and other countries such as Israel, India, Japan, Brazil and Argentina.

The company has its roots in 1978 when three friends, Josep Maria Lladó(aeronautical engineer and balloonist) Joan Comellas  and Jaume Llansana,  started to fly with a second-hand hot air balloon, and soon after they decided to build a bigger balloon, named "Tramuntana"’ for a long journey in Africa, because they had not enough fund to buy an already manufactured balloon. After that, they started to design an ultralight aircraft and created the company Ultramagic SA, together with Carles Lladó, Josep Maria’s brother. Ultramagic Ultralights evolved to Ultramagic Balloons, because after building an ultralight prototype they saw it was complex, required lot of funds, lot of components had to be imported, and serial production was required to be profitable. On top of that, they had experience manufacturing balloons and they still had the sewing machines and an aeronautic background.

The company launched in 1993 a cold air inflatable division, with 4.000 units manufactured until today. Production of inflatables is around 500 units per year.

In 2006 Ultramagic sold a massive N-355 balloon to Virgin Balloon Flights, the UK’s largest passenger carrying Balloon Company. This new balloon, that takes a 355,000 cu ft (10,100 m3) of air and can carry a basket with up to 16 passengers, replaced a smaller Cameron 340 balloon.

In 2009 Ultramagic made the first official flight of the "Ecomagic", an eco-friendly hot air balloon, with a reduced consumption, developed together with the School of Aeronautic Engineering of the Technical University of Berlin. The textile fabric used by this balloon has a double layer to better isolate the hot air, thus reducing consumption and allowing longer flights. The Ecomagic consumption is less than 50% of a standard balloon, and can even reach a 30%.

Product :
Hot Air Balloon Magic Pack
The Magic Pack package is ideal for the 'start-up' pilot or the experienced pilot looking to replace or upgrade equipment.

Based on the 12 gore H series envelope and available in 3 colour variations the package will help you get into the air as soon as possible.

The total package is competitively priced and includes the following :

envelope H-77
single MK 21 burner,C-1 basket
2 x 30kg fuel cylinders plus

Refuelling hose and basket cover

Package cost £14225.00 plus vat

Hot Air Balloon Magic Club

The Magic Club package is fully equipped and ideal for group ownership. The package is based on either an S or Z type envelope and is available in any colour combination.

The total package is competitively priced and includes the following :

envelope S or Z-90
double  MK 21 burner
C-1 basket
3 x 30kg fuel cylinders
5.5 hp fan
flytec 4005 instruments

Plus refuelling hose, basket cover,and quick release

Package cost £19625.00 plus vat


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