There are many jewels planted along the Australian countryside. One of the most beautiful is the area of Perth and the Avon Valley. This is an ideal place to take advantage of hot air ballooning since you’ll be getting a bird’s eye view of one of the loveliest areas in Australia. You will take off at dawn in order to catch the favorable wind currents and float above terrain that varies from rural countryside to rolling hills to expansive riverbanks. In the springtime you may even have the chance to enjoy the world famous wildflowers from a totally different perspective.

You will be taken on your hot air balloon Perth adventure by an experienced professional hot air balloon Perth pilot. This pilot is trained to use the layers of air current to navigate the balloon for optimal sightseeing. The pilot will be assisted by a dedicated hot air balloon Perth chase crew. This team will help to rig the balloon and prepare it for flight. Once your hot air balloon
Perth balloon is aloft, the crew will follow on the ground. As your hot air balloon Perth flight winds down and you have come to a gentle landing, the crew will deflate and pack up the balloon and transport you back to your final destination. If you are up for the job you may be able to pitch in and help pack the balloon.

Your specific launch point and touch down location will vary depending not only on the company you select but the weather conditions of the day. Because your hot air balloon Perth ride will not be using mechanical propulsion such as engines or propellers but rely solely on air currents, the weather will play a part in your exact route. Of course, the hot air balloon Perth pilot will not endanger the safety of customers under any circumstances. The balloon will only go up only if the weather conditions are safe. So be sure to call ahead if you think that inclement weather may delay your balloon flight. Most reputable ballooning companies will honor your ride regardless of how many times the date must be reset due to the weather.

One thing that often surprises hot air balloon Perth participants is how calm and stable the basket is. Since you will be traveling at the same speed as the wind there is no push or pull as you might expect. In fact, the ride is so smooth that even people who are typically uncomfortable during air travel will enjoy the ride.

We often think of lovers when we think of hot air balloon Perth adventures. This is because hot air balloon flight is indeed a very romantic activity. You shouldn’t be surprised if you see a wedding proposal or perhaps even a wedding ceremony taking place while you are aloft. Yes, hot air ballooning can be very romantic. Luckily, hot air balloon Perth excursions are not just for lovers though. Many people take hot air balloon Perth outings for the sheer fun of it. The ride can be enjoyed by the entire family, even the young ones. The age limit does vary a bit from company to company so be sure to check around.

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