Hot air ballooning is a way of life in Melbourne. Residents not only are used to seeing the sky over the city center dotted with balloons but they have come to expect it. As the largest city that permits over flight of passenger balloons, hot air balloon Melbourne is a totally unique experience. As you float above the city you’ll watch it awaken. Your hot air balloon Melbourne experience will take you over the many lush gardens the city. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the Arts Centre and the city skyscrapers. After your hot air balloon Melbourne experience you will never look at this beautiful city the same way again.

You’ll begin your journey at dawn since the air currents are best for ballooning in the early morning. You will be under the watchful eye of your professional hot air balloon Melbourne pilot and chase crew. Of course, the pilot will be in charge but your chase crew will assist him or her in getting the balloon ready for flight as well as packing it up at the end of your glorious hot air balloon Melbourne adventure. The chase crew has another important job as well. This team will follow the balloon on the ground as it traverses the city skies. Once it lands they will transport you back to home base or to another spot on your journey. Exactly where you go will depend on the package you have selected. Many hot air balloon Melbourne excursions move from the balloon on to a sumptuous champagne breakfast.

You want to be sure to bring your camera along on your hot air Melbourne excursion. There will be so many sights to see that you will want to journal them. Who knows, you may even fly above your very own home or office building.

While hot air balloon Melbourne is the perfect opportunity for a romantic celebration, it is also appropriate for just plain adventure sightseeing. The whole family can join along since children as young as three are welcome on some outings. The number of people that your hot air balloon Melbourne gondola can carry will vary, but you should be able to travel with six to eight other adventurers. Just check with our provider on specifics.

If you are shopping for a very special gift for a friend or family member, a hot air balloon Melbourne gift voucher is the ideal choice. You can select a specific package as your gift or leave your hot air balloon Melbourne voucher open ended and allow the recipient to select the type of excursion. Either way, the person receiving the gift will be able to set a day for the outing that is perfect for their schedule.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing a hot air balloon Melbourne adventure for yourself or planning to share it with one very special person, you are certain to find the perfect ballooning experience. Hot air balloon Melbourne is far more than an ordinary balloon ride, it is a once in a lifetime experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime.


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