There is no better way to take in the breathtaking scenery of the region surrounding Brisbane than from the gondola of a hot air balloon. As you float effortlessly over the spectacular city and the tranquil countryside your hot air balloon Brisbane will transport you to another time. Because today’s hot air balloon
Brisbane uses essentially the same technology that was used when the first successful balloon flight took place in Paris in 1783, you’ll be able to experience the magic of ballooning just as those early fliers did.

Of course the materials used in today’s hot air balloon Brisbane equipment is more advanced and modern than early versions, but you will still use the air currents to move the balloon along rather than having the aid of mechanical devices such as propellers or engines. This makes for a soundless and calm ride. Even those who are typically uncomfortable with flying due to vertigo or motion sickness can enjoy a ride in a hot air balloon Brisbane since you are flying at the same speed as the wind. This means the gondola remains stable and you do not feel a rush of wind.

You will be guided on your hot air balloon Brisbane ride by a professional pilot who is assisted by the ground crew. The ground crew will follow the balloon as it is in flight and when your hot air balloon Brisbane experience comes to an end they will help to pack up the balloon and transport you back to where you started.

Many hot air balloon Brisbane adventures include a champagne breakfast at the conclusion of your ride. Your balloon will lift off at dawn since this is the time of day when the air currents are the most stable. A luxurious meal is the perfect way to end the morning.

Hot air balloon Brisbane adventures are a popular choice for romantic outings and many a nervous man has used the occasion to propose marriage. You might even find a wedding going on. But that is not to say that hot air balloon Brisbane is only a good choice if you are looking for romance--quite the contrary. Many riders decide to go up just for the adventure of it or to be able to view the landscape as the birds do.

If you are looking for a special gift for someone close to you, then a hot air balloon Brisbane excursion is the perfect selection. Your loved one will be able to select the date of the outing and perhaps even be able to determine which flight package is right for them. You won’t need to worry that the size doesn’t fit or it isn’t the right color! A hot air balloon Brisbane is a sure pleaser.

Whether you are shopping for a gift for a friend or family member or looking for an excursion for yourself, hot air balloon Brisbane is the perfect alternative. You’ll be gliding over the landscape marveling at the wonders of nature and the beauty of the countryside while experiencing the same feelings those early fliers did. Now that is something to remember.

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